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This second studio album ‘Forte'(meaning strength in Portuguese) is exactly that for the Melbourne based 5 piece ensemble Tatu Rei. The strength of this pivotal album lies in the musical concoction of some of Australia’s most respected jazz and world music artists who feature on the recording. Add to this a string quartet of players from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Victorian Chamber Orchestra who feature on the title track of the album and you have an original world music recording to rival the best Australia has to offer.

01 Pra Que Vingança?
02 Forte
03 Não Quero Prozac!
04 Inté Mais Vê
05 Silêncio
06 Interlúdio Do Rei
07 Vem Judia De Mim
08 O Meu Amigo
09 Isso É Bom A Bessa
10 Cantiga

David Chong – Vocals
Nathan Slater – Guitar
James Giligan – Bass
Ben Winkelman – Piano
Stephen Grant – Piano Accordion
Neda Rahmani – Percussion & Backing Vocals
Mark Grunden – Drums and Percussion

All Songs Written & Composed by David Chong & Nathan Slater.
Additional Composition Work For ‘Vem Judia De Mim’ by Lawrence Folwig
Strings On ‘Forte’ & ‘Silêncio’ Composed by Tamil Rogeon

Ruth Sandy & Catrina Seiffert – Backing Vocals

String Section:
Roger Jonsson – 1st Violin
Sarah Curro – 2nd Violin
Jason Bun – Viola
Josie Vaines – Cello

Produced by Marrs Coiro, Melbourne
Recorded by Jarrad Gilson & Mixed By Damien Charles at Oaklands Pro Studio, Melbourne
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering, Sydney Australia

Artwork by Jeremedy Design

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Nov 12
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