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Tatu Rei

Beautiful music for the soul is at the very essence of the Tatu Rei experience.
Drawing inspiration from the great composers of contemporary Brazilian music, David Chong and Nathan Slater have together created compositions that are not only vibrant and energetic, but delicate and sublime. Tatu Rei delivers an original blend of Jazz, Samba and Bossa. If you aren’t touched by the subtle portuguese lyrics then you will be spellbound by the infectious rhythms

Formed in 2005, the ensemble is comprised of some of Australia’s most reputable musicians. The melodic fervour that is the latin guitar along with the profound undertones of the gorgeous base (Jorge Alburquerque) should be enough to awaken your senses. However, this is only the beginning. Bring in the sophisticated elegance of the unassuming pianist (Stephen Grant), add considered percussive innuendo (Ollie Williams), and we now have the formation of the Tatu Rei sound.
Moving beyond the divine, David Chong’s delightfully poetic lyric touches the soul in one moment and moves you to dance the next.

  • Forte

    This second studio album ‘Forte'(meaning strength in Portuguese) is exactly that for the Melbourne based 5 piece ensemble Tatu Rei. The strength of this pivotal album lies in the musical concoction of some of Australia’s most respected jazz and world music artists who