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  • Xinxin De Galinha

    This is an amazing recipe from the northeast of Brazil – Bahia, that adding just with one unusual ingredient (azeite de dendê – palm oil) makes this dish incredibly unique! Make it with Vapatá because the basic ingredients are the

  • Vatapá

    This is a very unusual bread sauce that is incredibly popular in the northeast of Brazil. It is served with Xinxin de Galinha and you can make then in the same time, just remove a portion of roughly chopped nut and prawn

  • Feijoada (Fej-wa-da)

    Brazilian Black Beans This delicious and simple dish is typical of all regions in Brazil. It was first prepared by the Bandeirantes who were the early explores of the Country. It is the quintessential national Brazilian dish! It is simply a

  • Vegetarian Feijoada

    Simply instead of the meat on the feijoada, add this delicious combination when the beans are cooked. fried tofu ( you can buy ready made in asian shops) sliced lotus roots, either already sliced or you can buy a whole